Friday, November 18, 2011

Socialize (Green) for Facebook

A social application for connecting your your favorite networking site.  You connect to this site with the luxury of having black background w/ green and white text.  There is also a widget that has the same black backgrounds w/ white and green text. The entire application is meant not only to be visually stimulating but also blazing fast.  All icons have been upgraded and optimized for speed. Socialize is made possible do to facebook offering their sdk tools to build off of.

Please comment on application when you have the time.

With this application you have access to:


Pictures may take a few minutes to load and do tend to load faster when your connected to a WiFi network

If you have any problems please email me or click on the forum link in the About tab in the menu before you leave negative comments in the Google market.   I can not respond to any comment in there and usually I can fix any problems before anyone gets to frustrated.

Look for these applications

Socialize (Red)
Socialize (Pink)
Socialize (Gold)
Socialize (Blue)
Socialize (Purple)
Socialize (Yellow)
Socialize (White)

If there is enough demand I will create a white background version of this application as well. 

Known Issues
Due to issues with getting the Newsfeed to work correctly there is a status on the top that says there is a newer version of the app and to click here to download.  This is an error and in the process of fixing.  Please be patient.

I have no affiliation with Facebook or is a trademarked name and is in no way affiliated with Socialize.

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